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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye-bye my Last!! ;)

H*ll yia, i cannot wait to say "Bubye my last, the last day of the year, the 12th months old year, and heylo beautiful nu year!!" kikikik ;p

It's only less than 2 hours left to nu year 2k10!!! Rrrr..I can feel my body is so hunger for that pretty numbers!! Hahaha (about too much excitement there) ;D
Ouw Januari loves January!! My month, my name, my every start for almost my everything!! Nu age, nu semester class, nu year?? Aiyayayyy...Lots of nu things aight?! And there's more and more than that i'm sure, very sure!!!!

Ouw God..This excitement is killin me! Killin me to die then born again to be the nu one! Hahaha Yes i feel like i already born again for this super poisonous nu year eve!! *bite me! ;)

Lets rock the year 2k10 buddy!!!! *singin happy nu year song (is there any??) Hahahaha should be! ;*
Yia I'm Happy like a Fireworks!!!!!!! *dancing

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