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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

this HOLIday is killing me!!

Me, these days on end of December 2K9.

Can u see? A messy room, too large t-shirt, poni-tailed short hair, notebook+the web cam (only to take this pic), and an internet connection for sure.
That things, only. Over and over again, for almost a week, in my year-end holiday, a.m. to p.m., p.m. to a.m. Hahaha thank God i'm still alive and not crazy (not yet). :D

Ouw, yes, this HOLYday is killin me slowly!!!!! Rrrr... God i need a vacation!! I want it soooo BADDDD!!!!!! x'(
I want beach. So bad. Really-really bad. Ouwh..
May this sh*t get over soon. It will!! Should be! Of course!! ahahaha *she's talkin to her self! Zzzz..

Well, these "precious" days that passed made me having this nu blog site (atleast). After i only do grumbling over the beloved 3rd MP Site of mine that gimme a trouble to post the blog lately. (Always a thing to be thankful for, right?) :P

So, yia, i know i'm not that crazy to take too much over it. I only feel bored with the "repeating things" lately. And, i only do the blablabla thing as always.
I'm happy, i write. I'm sad, i write. And so do when i'm bored! I write dude!! Hahaha See ya!! ;)

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