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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

if love does exist

Hello world, how are you? I miss you all here. A lot! :)

Now, lets talk about love! Been a long time huh? Since my last "love post". Ya, lately I'm more interested in writing about places, events and my activity only. Not because I lost my interest on love, but, you know how I tried to protect my heart from love and pain. And doesn't mean that I don't want to fall in love, but, uh gosh, now it's difficult already (to explain).

That's me talking about love. Seems like: "Does it really exist?"-face, huh? haha Ya, I know it seems that desperate. But, not that bad. Really! ;P

You know what? I have a good and bad news about me and love. The good news is, lately I miss falling in love. But the bad news is, I still can't feel anything (like love) to anyone. *big grin

But FYI, I'm not heartless, okay! I have a heart and it's not made of stone! ;P

I've fallen in love, once. Few years ago. I'd say it was love, because I kinda losing my mind everytime I was with him. Happy in any condition, good or bad, as long as I'm there beside him. Sounds crazy? Absolutely! And that's the reason why I ended our relationship. I was totally think and act based on heart feelings, and not with logical thoughts at all. I was happy and really enjoy falling in love, but I still have to tread my feet on the ground, right? So I won't fall down. (That's what I know)

Then, when will I could? That's the question that I never knew the answer what. All I know is just, that I really want to fall in love again someday (if it really does exist). And (please) the easy one (with heart and head in balance) for sure. ;)

x.o. Januari

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bali is a part of my country

Good morning blogger!
Do you know Bali? How about Indonesia?
Ya, Bali is the name of an island. And Indonesia is a country where the island was located. My country! :)
If you ever been there or heard about this island, maybe you'll also know enough about the tittle of this lil island, which is the "paradise island". Ah, yes it is people, trust me!
More info about Bali? I guess the smart wikipedia could help you more for it! ;)

Why I'm talking about it? About Bali and its beauty? Because I just went there, and now very excited to be able to inform its beauty to all of you, so you could know and may also come there even. Just go there people, really! I guarantee you will be satisfied with all its beauty!

Still hesitant?
Let me give you a lil proof of my trip few days ago.

Me and my family at Uluwatu (a sacred temple right beside the ocean)

The ocean behind us (Samudera Indonesia)

Protected holy apes in sacred temple!

Dreamland beach, a right place for surfing and sunbathing.

Bali's traditional clothes on the kids :)

Traditional artwork

Beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot

And many other beautiful things there in Bali. It's not only a beautiful place, it also has a variety of interesting art and culture that has existed and survived since a very long time. Such as:
Barong dance (a traditional folk dance in Bali)

Interested? ;)

x.o. January

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

walk with me?

Good evening world, good evening blogger, how are you, oh i miss you SO MUCH! (Can't split it into few sentences!) Of course because i miss you all too much! Just like how much i miss writing here. Aaaaah Godddd..... Been a while huh? How are you guys? Really! I hope you all in your best time, mood, life, and everything! Amin.

Oh world, what should i say? Too many things that has happened in my life lately. Good, bad, better, worst. Sounds like a marriage vows huh? ;P
I really feel my life like a roller-coaster right now. Tense. Never made me feel rested. Moving from one strain to another strain. Sometimes fun, but often exhausting. Sounds terrible huh? haha No, I found my own way out now when the stress was too high. Guess what! I walk! Yes, whether in town or even out of town sometimes. I can shop at the mall, eat, or even watch movies in cinemas. But it's all just enhancements. Because the core is the journey to get there. When I walk, enjoying the air and the scenery around, and liberate my mind as my foot stepping anywhere it will. It's fun, really!

Those pics were taken by my elder sister when i was in her place. But more often i "foot-travel" all alone (So i only could capturing my foot anywhere i go). :P

Ya, now walking is already feels like kinda a "walk away" thing for me. You know, when i'm sad i walk, when i'm down i walk, when i'm stressed i walk. (I used to use write as the word before the walk, but now writing is just seems too close to my problem). When i walk i'm thingking a lot (The thing that i couldn't do while i'm driving).  When i walk i let my mind go, fly, jump, run, anything! So i could feel better after that.

But behind it all, I love to walk! Ya, I love walking. I love being a pedestrian. And I love pedestrians! ;)
Walking is good, walking is fun, walking is good for your health, and so for the earth!

Go pedestrian! Hiyhi

And she's the woman! My one and only sister, who took those pics for me. <3

So, walk with me? :)

x.o. Januari

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Copelad The Farewell Tour (Bandung - Indonesia)

Saturday, May 8 2010.
The Venue Concert Hall - Eldorado, Bandung.

I was working there at The Venue as an apprentice when it held.

It was a great farewell concert from them (Copeland). Thanks for it!

And It's my team! <3

Now, lets sing! :)

x.o Januari

Friday, April 23, 2010

a lil research (on my copycat)

Yep, I call it a lil research! ;)
It's still about my best copycat that i told you before. But it's the "calm way" (realize that i was on my PMS when i wrote my previous blog). ;P

Last Wednesday, i met my copycat again, at campus (the only place we could possibly meet). I saw her staring at me from the distance that time, before i eventually came to her and say hi. It's a rare thing for me to have that situatin. Because although we are friends, we only meet when we're hanging out with other friends only. So it's kinda weird situation for me.

While waiting for my lecture to come, i spent my time with her to get to know her better. So i could understand her much (my wish). Ya, we talked a lot that time (for the first time).

That noon, i began to ask her anything, and she replied. I asked her the things that makes me always wondering why she always try to copy me in everything.

You know what? I got the answer! And that made me really understand why she did it so far.
Yep, she needs a role model! (as Tywo said to me. You're right Tywo, thanks! :> ) Because she didn't have it so far.

In my conclusion: She doesn't have enough confidence all this time. Probably due to her weight, state of the economy, or anything else that becomes the problem. Until finally she knows me and make me as her role model. To change, and become better [from her point of view]. (Although sometimes it was slightly disturbing me) ;p But, it's ok for now. Because i've come to understand why. :)

Now, I've decided to get closer to her. So, i'll get understand her more and more, and i could help her to find her own "identity" (a beautiful image of her self). Yep, i will! x)

Well well well, I still wanna talk about her much here, but i got to go now for Endah n Rhesa live accoustic performance right now! I don't wanna miss it even for a sec! (click the link, i bet you'll like them too!) ;)

So, i really am going now... hhi See you later bloggers! :*

x.o. Januari

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh my copycat, you are such a HARD WORKER! ;)

Do you ever have a copycat? Yep, the imitators of yourself!

Tonight, i'm very interested to tell you about THE BEST ONE! The most loyal and never give up one! Yep, the BEST LOYAL AND HARD WORKER COPYCAT of mine! hohoho

How did she get dressed, make up, her behavior, how she talk, even how she write. SHE ALWAYS TRIED TO EQUATE IT MY WAY! Yep! It has been happening for years, and i know that from the very first start.

I'm not angry at all about she trying so hard to be like me. But the thing is more about i want her to know that SHE FAILED! So fails to be me. I don't like seeing my self in a ruined way like that! uh, haha. And it just makes her look odd and not genuine at all. And I honestly feel sorry for her.

What do you think? LOL

Bad huh?! Then why don't you create your own image? Because the results will be better than the artificial one, i'm sure. You can follow some part of me that you can, but do not force what you can't. Go try it girl, for your own good. Believe me! That will create your own self image. And that will be great!

It only makes me more sorry for her day by day, because she worked too hard for the things she can't possibly achieve. One reason, I am only one, and until any time there would be no one that ever gonna 100% just like me.

So honey, just think about it. I'm sure someday you'll find what's best for you. And of course it would not be BEING A COPYCAT! ;p

And one thing for last, I am sure you will find many interesting things to do when you stop following me, because you have lots of spare time! ;) *SMOOCH!

x.o. Mochie Gachie

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

newwwsssss flashhhhh

02.42 a.m. already. And i miss writing here a lot. I've been busy with my final research. (Everyday's a library day.) And my notebook's corrupt. GREAT huh?! Even now i have to do my final research not by my own notebook but my dad's. :( Thanks Pap!

Almost 3 now, and i have to wake up at 8, and do the presentation for my final research proposal by 10. OK, It's time for me to jump to bed! 5 hours remaining, no time for lullaby. I have to go now.

See you blogger! *kiss
x.o. January

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

heart gallery

Deciding, not to give my heart to anyone. So it won't get hurt. Ya, i'm keeping it safe. Not because i'm that afraid of getting hurt, but more because of i just want it to be that way (this way already). Alone, but not lonely. Makes other happy without having it. Barely untouchable.

I'll keep my heart for my self and my family. Only. (Include my future children)
They have my blood. And the one i don't have to ask about loving me truly. That's the only reason why. I have no doubt about them having my heart, keeping it safe, and warm.

So it'll be easier for me to start and do anything. Everything i want. Without letting my heart take a part on it. Then (again) it'll be safe there, with me everywhere.

Having this heart for my own, doesn't means i stop seeing anyone or have no plan about the relationship thing. Cause it has no big impact to it. Besides decreasing my possibility to cry and disappointed about something or someone in the future. Isn't it sounds better?? ;)

I want my heart like an art in a gallery. Beautiful to see, heart warming. You can see it, but not to touch. Even sometime it can makes somebody happy just to see it till a smile painted on their face. Wonderful! :)

how about that one above?? Isn't it sweet?! ;)

xo. Asri Yanuarisa

Sunday, March 7, 2010


There, me, sitting in front of the mirror in the dining room, answering a phone call, having a conversation with a friend, while wondering, "how long since my last time doing this thing in my life?". Ya, that thing, the many hours answering a phone call thing. Remembering that i've lost count, even the appetite.

Of course it's been so many time, since i had a special feeling to a special one, and since i had that special one as mine.

Almost a year. Long time? I don't know. All i know is just that it's too hard for me to feel and fall. Even when i really want to. My heart kindda frozen or something like an iceberg. So, it doesn't work.

Then, how long it would be that way? Of course it's gonna be another i don't know of mine. Ouw world, gimme a break! Who's heart is it here in my body anyway? I can't control it even for a bit!
I don't feel that happy anymore when i heard my phone rang, i'm not that excited anymore when i know there's a new message on my phone. What else? I've lost my excitement here!

Dear world, it's not a sad story here i write, i also not complaining as far as i can. It's only a feeling, an honesty, as usual.

01:09 a.m. here in West Java-Indonesia right now, so, Good morning everyone! Have a great day! :)

xo. Januari

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lembayung, kenyang, dan pertayaan untuk Tuhan

This pic, taken last night, February 24th, at about to go to 6 p.m. (on ma watch).

Di balik dashboard, di balik kaca kendaraan yang memisahkan saya dari udara yang menyatu dengan pemandangan nyata tersebut. Ya, di sana lembayung yang dimaksudkan untuk saya tangkap keberadaannya. Saat di mana siang saya akan berganti malam. Saat terang saya jadi temaram.

Saya ingat saat itu saya sedang tersenyum, sambil berusaha untuk dapat mengabadikan sosoknya. Sadar hal yang sangat jarang pada moment itu saya berada di keadaan demikian. Selain juga karena sedang merasa senang, karena hari itu saya sehat, kenyang, bahkan sempat berlagak bak calon pengantin muda yang menunjukan jarinya pada setiap property rumah yang akan dibeli di sebuah property plaza di Bandung. *Padahal itu untuk rumah orang tuanya (orang tua saya)

Sekembalinya ke rumah, saya masih merasa sehat, kenyang, dan senang seperti sebelumnya. Sampai pada beberapa saat (hitungan jam pada tepatnya), senang itu berkurang. Ya, karena kembali, saya merasakan sakit, meskipun tetap kenyang seperti sebelumnya.

Rasa sakit ini sakit dalam artian yang sebenarnya. Tepatnya sebut saja penyakit maag. Penyakit turunan yang juga menjadi kronis seakan-akan juga turunan.
Tapi akhir-akhir ini (beberapa hari ke belakang tepatnya), rasa sakit itu keterlaluan. Dan saya tahu saya juga bukan anak pintar ketika menolak bekerjasama dengan obat.
Tapi kemarin malam saya menyerah. Saya telan obat dengan rasa penambah mual itu. Dan menghasilkan pagi hingga jelang malam cerah ceria seperti yang saya ceritakan tadi. Seolah-olah itu sembuh.

Terus sekarang datang lagi??! Di saat saya telah meminum obat tanpa harus diperintah!!? Sakit luar biasa yang belum pernah saya rasakan sebelumnya. Sampai-sampai berpikiran tidak seperti yang seharusnya.

Pertanyaan saya untuk Tuhan malam ini,
Tuhan, saya harus apa? bagaimana? dan melakukan apa?

Karena emosi saya mulai tergelitik akibat rasa sakit. Dan saya benci UGD! Hahaha

Saya memutuskan menulis pada akhirnya. Menulis ini. Di sini. Sekarang. Untuk mengalihkan rasa sakit.
Tidak ingin mengeluh atau membangunkan siapa-siapa. Hanya ingin menulis, melakukan hal yang disuka. Berharap kemudian rasa sakit mau ikut terlarut di dalamnya, lalu hilang bersamaan dengan tanda titik yang ku bubuhkan pada akhir kalimat nanti.

Akan ku jadikan pelajaran. Saya tahu jawabnya Tuhan. Ku usahaakan tidak terulang. Hanya yang baik yang akan tersisa di masa depan. Selamat pagi. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's when freedom meet the wants

Ingat cerita blogku yang sebelumnya?
Tentang si autis yang menyalahkan insomnia kemudian merindukan pantai?

Ya, ia berhasil ke sana pada akhirnya. Saya, si autis yang insomnia. Si perindu pantai dan segala bawaannya.

Tepat sehari setelah menulis blog tersebut, saya berangkat. Hebat bukan?! Sebab bukan karena saya yang memutuskan, melainkan berdasarkan keputusan sahabat-sahabat yang sangat tahu bahwa untuk mengajakku ke bulan pun hanya akan butuh angkat telepon dan tiba-tiba; "Chie, lo siap-siap, kita berangkat batukaras, besok malem lo gue jemput!" (klik), katanya. Hahaha Ya, selalu semudah itu. ;P

Jelas jawaban saya hanya, "OK, jemput gue besok jam 10 malem!", lalu bergegas menyiapkan segalanya.

Seperti sebelum-sebelumnya, mind set saya masih bekerja dengan baik. Menyebarkan setiap keinginan di kepala kepada dunia, lalu voila! dunia bergegas menyiapkannya untuk saya nikmati.

See?! How good world works for my words!! ;)

Dan bertemulah saya dengan sang pujaan hati. Meraba pasirnya, memeluk ombaknya, mencium setiap pekat udaranya, menikmati keeksotisannya di mata saya. Dipertemukan di malam dan hari yang orang sebut-sebut dengan hari kasih sayang. Kurang apa lagi?! Haha Selamat hari kasih sayang freedom!

And here's the record: click me (on multiply) or click me (on tumblr)
Enjoy!! :*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orang bilang saya autis??! Bukan, saya Insomnia!!

Mengutip salah satu lirik lagu anak gaul jaman dulu, "Cewek matre, cewek matre, kelaut aje!". Kayaknya untuk saya lebih tepatnya diubah menjadi "Insomnia, insomnia, kelaut aje!". Aaaaarh....saya kangen berada di laut malam-malam saat insomnia benar-benar memagari diri saya dari tempat tidur seperti ini. Rasanya ingin ke pantai lagi saja, dan berenang di sana bersama plankton seperti sebelumnya.

Foto ini diambil ketika saya ke pantai Carita
weekend akhir Januari kemarin. Ya, saya ke pantai, tapi yang gak ada planktonnya, dan yang gak bisa direnangi malam-malam. Makanya cuma bisa diem pinggir pantai. Siang-siang pula. Air pantainya uda kotor pula. Gak sebersih saat saya ke sana waktu masih kecil. Yiaa, things changed i know.. K
e yang tidak lebih baik untuk yang satu ini. Sayang sekali.

Orang bilang saya autis??!
Ya, hampir tepat mungkin. Atau mungkin malah tepat sekali. Tapi ku rasa lebih tepatnya lagi semua ini bermula dari insomnia yang bersarang bertahun-tahun dan mengakar hingga ke otak saya selama ini. Iyaa, saya autis karena saya insomnia..

Karena saya terbangun dan beraktivitas di saat orang lain tertidur dan sebaliknya. Drakula?? Boleh jadi! Toh teman-teman sekolah saya dulu memanggil saya drakuli (drakula wanita).
*dan menjadi drakuli bukan karena mereka tau saya insomnia melainkan karena kebiasaan saya menggigit kuping orang lain yang notabenenya teman-teman saya sendiri*

Cukup menjadi alasan kuat
kan untuk menjadikan saya autis dikarenakan kebiasaan saya beraktivitas di saat manusia-manusia normal lain tertidur? Dan di saat saya tertidur lelap saat mereka beraktivitas dengan sangat aktifnya, lalu saya kembali "berkeliaran" sendiri di sore hari karena saat itu para manusia normal telah lelah dan ingin beristirahat, sementara saya baru saja menginjakan kaki keluar rumah dan sangat bersemangat untuk "beraktivitas" sesuai keinginan hati saya.

, jadi terdengar seperti saya ini pengangguran ya?? ;p Bukan, saya hanya seorang mahasiswa yang sudah memasuki masa-masa longgar kuliah, dan hanya menempuh 4sks untuk jobtre dan seminar saja pada semester ini. ;)

Ampuuuunnnn.....Beneran deh.... "Insomnia ke laut ajeeee!!!!!"

Ke laut beneran maksudnya..

Saya kangen autis.
Saya kangen renang di pantai!
Saya kangen plankton-plankton cantik yang saya tinggal di sana.

Saya kangen bunyi ombak.

Saya kangen semuanyaaaaaa.....

Aduh... Kayaknya saya beneran autis deh. Tapi juga Insomnia. Ya, dua-duanya!! ;D

Monday, January 25, 2010

u world listen carefully, cz i'm talkin to u! ;)

Yia that's my another "leg pic" when i'm doin my "autism activity" thing as ussual.. ;P

But anyway, besides the taking a pic thing, the shopping thing, the culinary thing, the talk to the stangers thing, most of it (autism time activities), i do the set a dream thing! Yep, set a dream, my dream.
Figured out what i want, set it in a paragraph or two, then tell it to the world over and over again. Let the world listen to sets my dreams up to be real, while i'm doin the things that i should do to reach that dream of course. Cz nothin comes for free honey! ;)

Just like today, I would world to listen my words, my dreams that will happen to be my future event, that
"I'll be in Autralia someday to touch a kangaroo by my own hand, I'll be in Paris oneday to climb that Eiffel by my own feet, I'll be in New York on my future December to catch up that white x-mas euphoria by my own eyes, and I'll be everywhere around the world at many times ahead!" Amin. :)

Now, i've said it to the world, letting the world sets it up for me, and put my self to run for it too. Built the stairs, my stairs!
Easy just like 1 2 3! Come up come up where ever u areeeee!! ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my precious

See the picture in the left? Yia, the woman beside me there? Yep, she's my mom! Beautiful aight?! :)
She's my precious love in my precious life. She's the prettiest woman in my life. She's the my only best mom ever. She's the everything that i need from a mother in life. Yes, she is! Ouw mom, i'm sorry i can't describe it in words same as beautiful as u are.. But, u're the most mom! I love u more than a million!! :*

Just so eager to write about her right now. When i feel so completed by her these every last time these days. When she's always around me every night and day in my holiday time right now. When we done so many things together lately. Ouw yes, she is the best part of my life! I love her A LOT! lot lot lot!! ;)

She, the one with gentle heart, that never stop watch over me, over my life, my needs, my things, my every step of my everyday, my everything. That never let me down or get hurted. That never want to see me cry. The one that always want to fill my every empty part with love and care. The one that never left me to be a part of her pray to God. The angel of mine on earth. The best gift from God to me. Oh, again, the everything. :)

Not once or twice i made her cry or get hurted maybe, but she's the woman with thousands forgiveness. No wonder God loves her, i believe.
She likes to makes everybody around her happy, laugh, and cry because too much laughing. Hhi She greats in telling jokes! Yia, she's my mom! Great huh!? ;) :*

Mom, I LOVE U the most! Thanks for everything! Love is around u now and forever! May God bless u always, just like now and before.. I'll do my best to make u proud and happy to be my mom, dear precious mom! I LOVE U, I LOVE U, I LOVE U always!! *thousands hugs and kisses

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tentang Sinar sayang

Subhanallah.. satu kata yang bisa terucap dari bibir saya, selagi saya hanya bisa menangis berurai air mata menemukan kenyataan perih kehidupan seorang Sinar dibalik kebahagiaan yang saya rasakan selama ini.

Hari ini, hari yang dingin, yang membuat saya hanya menghabiskan waktu untuk bermalas-malasan tanpa bersentuhan dengan tugas ataupun sambungan internet sama sekali sejak terbangun tadi. Hanya membakar setangkup roti untuk "sarapan" di jam 12 siang ini, melewatkan membaca koran yang padahal ada di hadapan dengan hanya menyibukan diri bergelut dengan sebuah gadget di tangan, menghangatkan diri dengan secangkir capuchino instant, dan menyalakan TV akhirnya (setelah sekian lama tidak menonton TV lagi).
Hingga akhirnya berhentilah saya di stasiun TV yang menayangkan sebuah acara infotainment (tak jauh dengan perempuan awam lainnya). Hanya biasanya saya tak berlama-lama menghinggapkan diri di sebuah acara infotainment, kali ini saya menontonnya hingga selesai.
Ya, karena di dalamnya hanya memuat sebuah berita (bukan gosip). Yakni mengenai sebuah perjalanan Charlie ST 12 yang menemui seorang bocah luar biasa di tanah Makassar.
Subhanallah (lagi-lagi saya bilang), ya, dan hanya itu yang bisa saya lakukan (selain menangis).

Saya baru tahu, setelah entah berapa lama berita mengenai Sinar si bocah kecil (silahkan klik link di sebelah kiri tanda kurung ini untuk isi beritanya) ini tersiarkan. Jujur saya menyesal, sangat menyesal, karena telah berapa lama ini saya meninggalkan ke-ter-update-an diri saya terhadap berita. Baru beberapa hari ke belakang lagi ini saya mulai membaca koran kembali, dan itu pun tak ada tentang Sinar di sana, mungkin sudah lewat berita tentangnya.

Hari ini, dan beberapa hari ke belakang, banyak hari ke belakang, saya sedang merasa bersyukur-bersyukurnya terhadap Tuhan (Allah SWT), akan hidup saya yang luar biasa, akan rasa bahagia yang tak kunjung hilang, dan senyum yang tak pernah berhenti merekah dari bibir saya di setiap harinya. Alhamdulillah ya Allah, hidup saya penuh dengan berkah dari-Mu, dan saya bahagia.
Itu yang membuat saya sangat terpukul ketika melihat sesosok Sinar di TV hari ini. Ketika saya sedang mencari tontonan televisi dengan suasana hati yang riang, dalam waktu yang seketika saya dapat menangis. Bukan sedih, melainkan haru. Rasa haru yang luar biasa akan cerita hidup sang bocah Sinar sayang, dan rasa bersyukur yang semakin berlipat-lipat akan kehidupan ku yang luar biasa dipenuhi akan nikmat-Nya. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar.. Tuhan, lindungi dan berkahi Sinar seperti Engkau berkahi hidup ku selama ini.. Amin.

Tidak ada tindakan nyata luar biasa yang bisa saya lakukan terhadap kehidupan dan keberadaan Sinar untuk saat ini (saya harap akan, untuk waktu ke depan), selain doa tulus yang saya titipkan melalui Tuhan untuk nantinya menjadi nyata bagi Sinar. Semoga Tuhan mendengar dan mengabulkan. Insyaallah.. Amin.

Hal ini, cerita ini, sang Sinar sayang lah yang membuat saya terdorong untuk akhirnya berkeinginan untuk bersentuhan dengan dunia maya ini lagi, untuk menyalakan notebook dan berinteraksi dengan sambungan internet hari ini. Ya, untuk mecari tahu lebih lanjut berita mengenai Sinar sayang, dan mencari video lagu tentang Sinar yang diciptakan oleh seorang musisi baik hati Charlie, personil band ST12.
Dan luckily saya menemukannya. Ini dia lagu cantik itu:

Semoga cerita hidup Sinar dapat menjadi contoh bagi kita. Tentang bagaimana kita dapat bertahan hidup apabila ada segenap usaha dan ikhlas hati dalam menjalankannya. Tentang wujud cinta terhadap orang tua, terutama ibu yang telah mengandung dan melahirkan kita dengan susah payah. Tentang pintu surga yang terdapat di telapak kakinya (ibu). Tentang tak lupa untuk bersyukur akan kehidupan kita yang sekarang, yang saya yakin jauh lebih berada daripada kehidupan sang Sinar sayang.

Tuhan, Terimakasih untuk segala-galanya.
Mama, ade sayang mama. Sedari dulu, sampai kini, dan untuk selamanya. Terimakasih mama. I LOVE you.

Hari ini, saya Asri Yanuarisa Ibrahim, berjanji akan berusaha melakukan yang terbaik dalam hidup saya, untuk saya sendiri, keluarga, teman-teman, dan semua orang, baik yang terlibat dalam hidup saya maupun yang tidak. Insyaallah saya akan menjadi yang berguna dan dapat diandalkan! Amin.

Dunia, bersiaplah untuk kedatangan saya berlompat-lompat riang mengelilingi pijakan-pijakan indah yang terdapat di bumi ini!!
Selamat malam!
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