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Thursday, January 21, 2010

my precious

See the picture in the left? Yia, the woman beside me there? Yep, she's my mom! Beautiful aight?! :)
She's my precious love in my precious life. She's the prettiest woman in my life. She's the my only best mom ever. She's the everything that i need from a mother in life. Yes, she is! Ouw mom, i'm sorry i can't describe it in words same as beautiful as u are.. But, u're the most mom! I love u more than a million!! :*

Just so eager to write about her right now. When i feel so completed by her these every last time these days. When she's always around me every night and day in my holiday time right now. When we done so many things together lately. Ouw yes, she is the best part of my life! I love her A LOT! lot lot lot!! ;)

She, the one with gentle heart, that never stop watch over me, over my life, my needs, my things, my every step of my everyday, my everything. That never let me down or get hurted. That never want to see me cry. The one that always want to fill my every empty part with love and care. The one that never left me to be a part of her pray to God. The angel of mine on earth. The best gift from God to me. Oh, again, the everything. :)

Not once or twice i made her cry or get hurted maybe, but she's the woman with thousands forgiveness. No wonder God loves her, i believe.
She likes to makes everybody around her happy, laugh, and cry because too much laughing. Hhi She greats in telling jokes! Yia, she's my mom! Great huh!? ;) :*

Mom, I LOVE U the most! Thanks for everything! Love is around u now and forever! May God bless u always, just like now and before.. I'll do my best to make u proud and happy to be my mom, dear precious mom! I LOVE U, I LOVE U, I LOVE U always!! *thousands hugs and kisses

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