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Monday, January 25, 2010

u world listen carefully, cz i'm talkin to u! ;)

Yia that's my another "leg pic" when i'm doin my "autism activity" thing as ussual.. ;P

But anyway, besides the taking a pic thing, the shopping thing, the culinary thing, the talk to the stangers thing, most of it (autism time activities), i do the set a dream thing! Yep, set a dream, my dream.
Figured out what i want, set it in a paragraph or two, then tell it to the world over and over again. Let the world listen to sets my dreams up to be real, while i'm doin the things that i should do to reach that dream of course. Cz nothin comes for free honey! ;)

Just like today, I would world to listen my words, my dreams that will happen to be my future event, that
"I'll be in Autralia someday to touch a kangaroo by my own hand, I'll be in Paris oneday to climb that Eiffel by my own feet, I'll be in New York on my future December to catch up that white x-mas euphoria by my own eyes, and I'll be everywhere around the world at many times ahead!" Amin. :)

Now, i've said it to the world, letting the world sets it up for me, and put my self to run for it too. Built the stairs, my stairs!
Easy just like 1 2 3! Come up come up where ever u areeeee!! ;)

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