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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WHAT the HAHAHA!!! *wink

yep, this is a WHAT!!? thing on my head!!

*questioning her self by the time she realized it's 12.00 a.m right now*
a day to go?
January 6th already??
i'm going to be a 22 years old "girl (wanna be)" by tomorrow???
uwoouwowoooow....... YES, I'm NOT READY!!! *LOL to her self (kindda pity) ;P

Well yia, again, sh*t does happen mochie!! Ahaha rrr..

Not because i don't want become older or whatever, na'ah! But just remember the fact that i'm still...ahahaha sh*t again!! *lmao

Yiaa...again and again it's only my blablabla..
Kindda miss to write in ma blog after 3days backward i've been so over ma final smt task on my HOLIday and still, then get realized bout t "date" thing that already January 6th without any permission to me?! *wondering the reader will says (what the *&^% is in her head!!!) hehehe xP

Ooooallaaaaa.....*suddenly remember that it's my 1st blog in year 2o10!!!
HAPPY NU YEARRRR!!!! never too late to say when it's still January aight!? ;D

Well yia then it already happened to be an another mind war again on my head right now. Between tellin u the cherry things that happened to me this early year, and also with the thing that i'm not ready right now that called "bday".
But well uh, the unready thing with the bday thing feels not that important to me again right now. Suddenly i just feel so exciting!! I dunno why.. but, AH (exhale freely)!!! (i know i'm weird) *LOL

For now, lets just make some kindda HEAD LINE to this lovely journal thing! Cz i gotta back to ma HEAVENly task right now.. hhi

Now, today, January 6th 2o10, a day before my bday (again) hahaha, Im happy, I'm young (atleast that's what i feel) *wink, i'm free and mature enough to keep it in a good way (my way), i have lots of things to be thankful to God and everyone, I'm blessed, and I'm ready to take everything ahead to be MY THINGS, Januari's things means success!! AMIN.

(this "colourful mood" blog makes me clicking all the labels below)
Yes, cz this is the WHAT that suddenly changed to the WOW!! xP

Januari loves year 2o10!! *KISESS ;)

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