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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

heart gallery

Deciding, not to give my heart to anyone. So it won't get hurt. Ya, i'm keeping it safe. Not because i'm that afraid of getting hurt, but more because of i just want it to be that way (this way already). Alone, but not lonely. Makes other happy without having it. Barely untouchable.

I'll keep my heart for my self and my family. Only. (Include my future children)
They have my blood. And the one i don't have to ask about loving me truly. That's the only reason why. I have no doubt about them having my heart, keeping it safe, and warm.

So it'll be easier for me to start and do anything. Everything i want. Without letting my heart take a part on it. Then (again) it'll be safe there, with me everywhere.

Having this heart for my own, doesn't means i stop seeing anyone or have no plan about the relationship thing. Cause it has no big impact to it. Besides decreasing my possibility to cry and disappointed about something or someone in the future. Isn't it sounds better?? ;)

I want my heart like an art in a gallery. Beautiful to see, heart warming. You can see it, but not to touch. Even sometime it can makes somebody happy just to see it till a smile painted on their face. Wonderful! :)

how about that one above?? Isn't it sweet?! ;)

xo. Asri Yanuarisa


Anonymous said...

Januari, this is beautifully written. I feel the same way sometimes. It's not about getting hurt, but keeping it safe. You are absolutely right.


ceritajanuari said...


Thank you dear. Lets built a gallery for our heart! :)

RicAdeMus said...

It is good to be cautious. There are many people who will say the right things to get to our hearts, but not many who will feel and live what they say.

Someday someone will grab that beautiful heart with both hands--and you will not object!!! =)

ceritajanuari said...


AMIN! =)

S.I.F. said...

Beautiful! And saving your heart is always a good thing!

ceritajanuari said...


Thanks! Yep, you're right! Save your heart! :)

RicAdeMus said...

Hope you are having a good week!

Happy April. =)

ceritajanuari said...


Always happy to read your comment on my blog! Thanks a lot!

Hope you're having a good week too!

Happy April from Januari! =)

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