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Sunday, March 7, 2010


There, me, sitting in front of the mirror in the dining room, answering a phone call, having a conversation with a friend, while wondering, "how long since my last time doing this thing in my life?". Ya, that thing, the many hours answering a phone call thing. Remembering that i've lost count, even the appetite.

Of course it's been so many time, since i had a special feeling to a special one, and since i had that special one as mine.

Almost a year. Long time? I don't know. All i know is just that it's too hard for me to feel and fall. Even when i really want to. My heart kindda frozen or something like an iceberg. So, it doesn't work.

Then, how long it would be that way? Of course it's gonna be another i don't know of mine. Ouw world, gimme a break! Who's heart is it here in my body anyway? I can't control it even for a bit!
I don't feel that happy anymore when i heard my phone rang, i'm not that excited anymore when i know there's a new message on my phone. What else? I've lost my excitement here!

Dear world, it's not a sad story here i write, i also not complaining as far as i can. It's only a feeling, an honesty, as usual.

01:09 a.m. here in West Java-Indonesia right now, so, Good morning everyone! Have a great day! :)

xo. Januari


Ken said...

poor you <3
u really want a boyfriend?

ceritajanuari said...


hahaha having a boyfriend is not exactly what i want ken. The thing that i really want is to feel and fall in love, so i can have a boyfriend after all. :p

I miss having butterflies in my tummy! hihi
but it's just like kindda hard right now. :)

RicAdeMus said...

There's no special person you look forward to seeing? Maybe you have never spoken to, but he seems interesting? Well, he is out there. One day, just out of the blue, you will see someone or meet someone and your heart will skip a beat. You can't look for it, it just happens when it is supposed to.

RicAdeMus said...

ps-I found your profile via Toothfairy's blog. =)

ceritajanuari said...


Hi there! Yep, you're right! I only can wait for the really right time, till my heart could skip it beat cause of someone special out there!

Thanks for leaving a comment!
Nice to know you and your blog! I'm following yours just now! :)

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