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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

newwwsssss flashhhhh

02.42 a.m. already. And i miss writing here a lot. I've been busy with my final research. (Everyday's a library day.) And my notebook's corrupt. GREAT huh?! Even now i have to do my final research not by my own notebook but my dad's. :( Thanks Pap!

Almost 3 now, and i have to wake up at 8, and do the presentation for my final research proposal by 10. OK, It's time for me to jump to bed! 5 hours remaining, no time for lullaby. I have to go now.

See you blogger! *kiss
x.o. January


Ken said...

good luck on your research. hope everything works out!

zachary said...

Good luck! :)
Go kick some ass!

RicAdeMus said...

Lullabyyyy and good niiiiight! You'll do great on the presentation. =)

ceritajanuari said...


AMIN! Thanks a lot Ken! :)


I will! ;) Thanks a lot! :)

@ RicAdeMus

Hi mr.Motivator! Thanks a lot and good niiiight! :)

nando.gino said...

Yeah,,we miss you a lot, and so do i. I hope you'll soon post more than this short-report. Share us more story...

Anyway, good luck for the research + good luck with sunset hunting when you visit Jakarta.

ceritajanuari said...

@ nando.gino

Me too!
Yep, i'll go for Jakarta as soon as i finish my final research!
Thanks a lot! :)

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