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Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh my copycat, you are such a HARD WORKER! ;)

Do you ever have a copycat? Yep, the imitators of yourself!

Tonight, i'm very interested to tell you about THE BEST ONE! The most loyal and never give up one! Yep, the BEST LOYAL AND HARD WORKER COPYCAT of mine! hohoho

How did she get dressed, make up, her behavior, how she talk, even how she write. SHE ALWAYS TRIED TO EQUATE IT MY WAY! Yep! It has been happening for years, and i know that from the very first start.

I'm not angry at all about she trying so hard to be like me. But the thing is more about i want her to know that SHE FAILED! So fails to be me. I don't like seeing my self in a ruined way like that! uh, haha. And it just makes her look odd and not genuine at all. And I honestly feel sorry for her.

What do you think? LOL

Bad huh?! Then why don't you create your own image? Because the results will be better than the artificial one, i'm sure. You can follow some part of me that you can, but do not force what you can't. Go try it girl, for your own good. Believe me! That will create your own self image. And that will be great!

It only makes me more sorry for her day by day, because she worked too hard for the things she can't possibly achieve. One reason, I am only one, and until any time there would be no one that ever gonna 100% just like me.

So honey, just think about it. I'm sure someday you'll find what's best for you. And of course it would not be BEING A COPYCAT! ;p

And one thing for last, I am sure you will find many interesting things to do when you stop following me, because you have lots of spare time! ;) *SMOOCH!

x.o. Mochie Gachie


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I so know what you mean. It can be annoying sometimes.
But then again, she adores you, and wants to be like you.
She has her reasons. How about you talk to her about it in a friendly manner?
You may be able to help her in becoming her own self.


RicAdeMus said...

The poor girl just wanted a good role model!!!

In school there were a few people who copied me. But not since then. Now I get people who pretend to be friends so they can get my help at work and help from my friends. Ugh!

ceritajanuari said...


She's my friend, close enough even. But that's not an easy thing to tell her directly, as long as she still tried to deny it from me. Maybe there'll be a time to talk when it becomes excessive. Thanks for the advice Tywo! :)


Yep, they are all around us. Always. I hope they can do it better. So no one will feel disturbed. :)

zachary said...

spooky..i can't bring my mind off "Single White Female" have you watched it?
those pictures are precise:)

ceritajanuari said...


No, i haven't. But, i saw the trailer on youtube just now. And it scares me out! haha
I'll look for the DVD tomorrow! Thanks! :)

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