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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bali is a part of my country

Good morning blogger!
Do you know Bali? How about Indonesia?
Ya, Bali is the name of an island. And Indonesia is a country where the island was located. My country! :)
If you ever been there or heard about this island, maybe you'll also know enough about the tittle of this lil island, which is the "paradise island". Ah, yes it is people, trust me!
More info about Bali? I guess the smart wikipedia could help you more for it! ;)

Why I'm talking about it? About Bali and its beauty? Because I just went there, and now very excited to be able to inform its beauty to all of you, so you could know and may also come there even. Just go there people, really! I guarantee you will be satisfied with all its beauty!

Still hesitant?
Let me give you a lil proof of my trip few days ago.

Me and my family at Uluwatu (a sacred temple right beside the ocean)

The ocean behind us (Samudera Indonesia)

Protected holy apes in sacred temple!

Dreamland beach, a right place for surfing and sunbathing.

Bali's traditional clothes on the kids :)

Traditional artwork

Beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot

And many other beautiful things there in Bali. It's not only a beautiful place, it also has a variety of interesting art and culture that has existed and survived since a very long time. Such as:
Barong dance (a traditional folk dance in Bali)

Interested? ;)

x.o. January


RicAdeMus said...

Very interested! I would love to visit Bali and the rest of your country someday.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. =)

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a gorgeous place. I love their traditional artwork. It's beautiful.


ceritajanuari said...


Yes, you should!
Your very welcome. Glad you can enjoy it! :)


Yes it is dear. Come and see it by your self. I bet you'll love it more and more! :)

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