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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

walk with me?

Good evening world, good evening blogger, how are you, oh i miss you SO MUCH! (Can't split it into few sentences!) Of course because i miss you all too much! Just like how much i miss writing here. Aaaaah Godddd..... Been a while huh? How are you guys? Really! I hope you all in your best time, mood, life, and everything! Amin.

Oh world, what should i say? Too many things that has happened in my life lately. Good, bad, better, worst. Sounds like a marriage vows huh? ;P
I really feel my life like a roller-coaster right now. Tense. Never made me feel rested. Moving from one strain to another strain. Sometimes fun, but often exhausting. Sounds terrible huh? haha No, I found my own way out now when the stress was too high. Guess what! I walk! Yes, whether in town or even out of town sometimes. I can shop at the mall, eat, or even watch movies in cinemas. But it's all just enhancements. Because the core is the journey to get there. When I walk, enjoying the air and the scenery around, and liberate my mind as my foot stepping anywhere it will. It's fun, really!

Those pics were taken by my elder sister when i was in her place. But more often i "foot-travel" all alone (So i only could capturing my foot anywhere i go). :P

Ya, now walking is already feels like kinda a "walk away" thing for me. You know, when i'm sad i walk, when i'm down i walk, when i'm stressed i walk. (I used to use write as the word before the walk, but now writing is just seems too close to my problem). When i walk i'm thingking a lot (The thing that i couldn't do while i'm driving).  When i walk i let my mind go, fly, jump, run, anything! So i could feel better after that.

But behind it all, I love to walk! Ya, I love walking. I love being a pedestrian. And I love pedestrians! ;)
Walking is good, walking is fun, walking is good for your health, and so for the earth!

Go pedestrian! Hiyhi

And she's the woman! My one and only sister, who took those pics for me. <3

So, walk with me? :)

x.o. Januari


Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful blogger.
Life is a roller coaster. Enjoy your ride.
I like your photos.


ceritajanuari said...


Hello sweety. Yep, i try my best to enjoy it!
Thanks Tywo, always love your comment! :)

RicAdeMus said...

Yes!!! =) Walking is a great release for stress, much better than eating.

I hope the roller-coaster gives you more enjoyment and less stress.

ceritajanuari said...


Hi, how are you? Glad to see your comment again! :)
Yep, i hope so. Thanks!

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xo. Januari

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