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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

if love does exist

Hello world, how are you? I miss you all here. A lot! :)

Now, lets talk about love! Been a long time huh? Since my last "love post". Ya, lately I'm more interested in writing about places, events and my activity only. Not because I lost my interest on love, but, you know how I tried to protect my heart from love and pain. And doesn't mean that I don't want to fall in love, but, uh gosh, now it's difficult already (to explain).

That's me talking about love. Seems like: "Does it really exist?"-face, huh? haha Ya, I know it seems that desperate. But, not that bad. Really! ;P

You know what? I have a good and bad news about me and love. The good news is, lately I miss falling in love. But the bad news is, I still can't feel anything (like love) to anyone. *big grin

But FYI, I'm not heartless, okay! I have a heart and it's not made of stone! ;P

I've fallen in love, once. Few years ago. I'd say it was love, because I kinda losing my mind everytime I was with him. Happy in any condition, good or bad, as long as I'm there beside him. Sounds crazy? Absolutely! And that's the reason why I ended our relationship. I was totally think and act based on heart feelings, and not with logical thoughts at all. I was happy and really enjoy falling in love, but I still have to tread my feet on the ground, right? So I won't fall down. (That's what I know)

Then, when will I could? That's the question that I never knew the answer what. All I know is just, that I really want to fall in love again someday (if it really does exist). And (please) the easy one (with heart and head in balance) for sure. ;)

x.o. Januari


RicAdeMus said...

You'll find it--actually, it will find you! =)

ceritajanuari said...

@ RicAdemus

Yes, it will! That's what I always hope for. Thanks! =)

sssdawna said...

love always comes when we least expect it, i think : ) when looking for it is the last thing on our mind

ceritajanuari said...

@ sssdawna

I really want to, but it came as the first thing on my mind lately! =P

Thanks Dawna! Nice to see you here! =)

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xo. Januari

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