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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back for GOOD?

Hi there!
How are you? =)

It's been six months since the last time I wrote here. And I really miss you all!

I honestly don't know what should I write here now. Not because I don't have things to tell, but perhaps precisely because of too many stories that haven't had time to write back and tell you guys here. But I don't know where to start. Too complicated.

Well, many things have happened to me. Many things, but not much change anything. More or less, I'm still the same as you know it. I'm still a student, I still love the beach and walking, I also still silly and can not fall in love.
All the same, huh? ;P

I imagine what has happened and changed in your life for six months? Did a lot of changes happen? Or still the same, and nothing has changed, like mine.
I hope your life has changed and certainly better and more beautiful than ever! *Amin :)

Well, what if we're talking about the men who had come into my life for the past six months? Yiaa, MAN! Always interesting to read, right?

Indeed, during the six months I have met with many, many men with different characters. Some of them just want to have fun, and a few more tries to show his intention to have a serious relationship with me. Even some ex-boyfriend who tried to come back to me. Funny? Well, I know it's not.

The funny thing is probably going to be in this part. The part where I still couldn't feel anything to anyone.
I don't know why, but I always feel that this is a funny thing. Funny, when everyone was expecting to be loved, I can only waste the love I get. Silly? Ya, I think so.

Some of my best friends are always trying to remind me to be able to open my heart to someone. Someone who they feel deserves to be given the opportunity. Not just one, but several that have been overlooked so far. They always feel that I have wasted many opportunities to be happy by loving men who had come into my life. Because they thought the men were all good, and whoever I choose, they won't mind. Because they just wanted me to be happy. -----> Yes, they are very concern to me. Especially about my love life. My friends sometimes more concern about it more than myself. That's one of a thousand reasons why I really love them (Bebep, Mba Ayin, Unyun, Ressa, Sapi, Meymey, etc.) *hugs

Not only friends, but also my family, who began to expect me to start thinking about it. Things that previously I always try not to think about. But this time a must. What should I do? When everything still seemed impossible to me. When I still can't feel anything. I just don't want to disappoint anyone. Moreover, people who really love me. They always told me to try to get through a relationship with someone who loves me. But what should I do when love is not going to come? I don't want to make someone as an experiment. I don't want to hurt anyone. Especially those who come with love.
Then what should I do now? (Don't try to think about the answer. Because it would be very confusing. Trust me!) ;)

So let's just end this story here. 3 am here, and I have to get up and go at 6 o'clock this morning.

Till we meet again! :*

x.o. Januari
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