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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

eenie meenie miney mo!

Hi there, how are you?
It's been so long, and I miss you all here so much, really! :)

Don't know where to start, as usual. I missed too many things to write in here. Almost 4 months have passed since the last time I wrote here. Things happen so fast, and many changes occurred. Not because I don't have the time I didn't write here, but because too often the change is happening, until I was too confused to tell it here. In a second black could be white, and vice versa in the next second. Abstract! Unpredictable.

Well okay, let's just start try to write something! ;)
What first?! Umm... Good news? Yes, I have some good news!

  1. I have officially become a baccalaureate last month. Yaiy! Finally, huh? Finally I did what I should do for a long time. With a little more desire and effort that left in me to reach it. And now I'm freeeeeeeeee! ;p
  2. This month I will have my sister again here, in the same town and home again. Therefore, I also have decided to seek work here, in my town now. In order to keep hanging out with my little family. I think it would be lovely! Absolutely! Yeppy! :*
  3. God has given a small gift that feels wonderful to my family some time ago. It felt so wonderful because it comes from my amazing parent's hard work. Thank God. I love You, always, even more and more each day!
  4. What else? Aha! Etc. :P
Thennnn... Bad news?? Oh, I hate bad news! Well, yes, it happened a few times. Even many times within a narrow time like yesterday too. And stilllll in the lovelife area. Common, huh? But ya, never mind. I don't want to destroy this beautiful atmosphere with bad news. Not now, and will never I wish. Not just not to write it down here, but also would never happen again. I guess I start to destroy the atmosphere nowwww...haha Okay let's stop it now and put a (point)

But hey, talking about (point), beside the (point) (.), hehehe a bit confusing, I'm sorry. :p The point of my blog today is about life and choices. Or call it life choices. Yes, many options which I have set in my life. There are some that still remain the same as the previous one, but many also have changed. Well, as we all know, life is all about choices.

The conclusion?
I just MISS this site too much, I MISS to write here like crazy, and I MISS YOU all here so bad! Just like I said before, I miss you, really! :) *hugs

Dear friends, may God be with you always. God bless you! Amen. :*

x.o. Januari


RicAdeMus said...

Congratulations on graduating!!! I will be back to comment further--got to go to sleep now. =)

PS - It's good to see you posting.

ceritajanuari said...


Thank you!!!! And I'll wait for ur return. Have a nice sleep! :)

PS - Love to see your comment, as usual.

S. said...

Hi there, it's interesting to read your blog, I like it!

/S / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com

ceritajanuari said...


Hello S! Glad to know it. Thank you!
Lovely blog you have there. I like it too! :)


RicAdeMus said...

It's nice you'll be with your sister and family--I wish my family was that happy to be together!!!

Bad news? Well, I guess it helps us to appreciate the good things more. Hopefully the bad is temporary and quickly replaced by happy times. I know you'll find love, just need to make sure you're not busy with the wrong person when the right person comes along. =)

ceritajanuari said...


Thank you. It's always good to be together, right? :)

Amen. Yes, I'm sure about that one too. I know I'll find the love of my life someday. Soon, I hope! Because I'm done with the wrong person already. :p
I hope he has a pretty heart like yours! :)

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