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Monday, October 10, 2011

work to live VS live to work

Walking through the phases of life, then realized... Mom, I'm getting older..

Lately, I rarely walk down the sidewalk, or even just to spend some time alone in the mall. Don't know for sure the reason why, it could be because of my job, or some other reason that could be quite more make sense. For Heaven's sake, I really miss those moments! Looks like there's enough time that I gave to miss the things I love lately. Whether right or wrong, I can only believe that it should be this way.

Honestly, I miss beach. A lot(!) I miss the sound of waves and the sparkling planktons in it. I miss spending the whole night just to look at the sky with my naked eye, till the sun rise. That beauty simple things, that will never can be replaced by anything in the world, for me. But at this time, for a while, those things had to be pushed aside. For the sake of a life and maturity.

This time, I learn again, for the life of my own. It's no longer having fun every day on the strut of mama and papa. No longer a little girl who only knows how to have fun, but also know how hard the proccess before it, then attempt to get it, by her self (,by working). I make money, then use it for fun. Wisely (,that part I'm still trying; so hard).

What else? I'll tell you later. It's late already, and I have to go to sleep before my alarm wakes me up few hours ahead (for work). Ya, even my job kinda stop me from doing it (;write), my hobby, my passion, one of the biggest part of my life. I didn't say I hate working. I'm just saying it stop me from some things. And I hope I could make it balance someday. I will. I should.

Well, see you soon darling. Good night and happy working in dream! ;) *smooch

x.o. Januari


RicAdeMus said...

I hope you're finding a better balance. I'm working tooo much lately...and not making time for things that make me happy.

Let's both try to do things we love in 2012!

ceritajanuari said...

@ RicAdeMus

Hey hey how are you? Sorry for the late reply.. Amen! Thank you.. I hope the same thing for you too! Plus...to get some time to make your self happy! :)

Yep yep, 4 days to go to 2012! Let's do what we love!

Ricademus said...

Well, 2012 didn't get off to a great start, but I still have high hopes.

Any chance you'll be posting again??? =)

ceritajanuari said...

@ Ricademus

Of course I'll be posting again! Someday.. :P

I've quit my job last December. Decided to look for another job outside the city. Spent January and February for the holidays seem to be enough to start looking for a job again. Wish me luck! :)

I'm sure with your high hopes and efforts, this year will be a perfect year to you! Amen!

Wish you a great year! =)

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