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Monday, April 9, 2012

Quarter year 2012

Hey ho! I'm back!
Ya, in 2012! :)

April already! Well, I have to say that 2012 running so quick on my calendar! :P
Three months passed when I still can feel the euphoria of the new years eve. Ya, that fast to me!
So, how's your 2012? Did it goes well this far? I'll tell you mine!

January 2012, I resigned from my last job. I decided to take some "holiday", which I've never had since graduated last year. Quite surprising for some people maybe, that I don't regret it at all. That was a right decision to me. Because I had planned it from the very first time when I took that job. For few reasons, like,
#1 I really wanna have some "me time" for months, before I'll just gonna have it for one or two days only besides the "me and my job time" in the future.
#2 I can't (don't want) to work in this town any longer. Well, this is my hometown, I love it (to born, live and study). But, I never have a flash in mind to get a job in here (except my last job, for it came to me "by it self"). Not because any specific reason about the city (Bandung), it's just about the dream which I've built into a plan for a very long time. As some people may know that I've been dreaming about having a job in Jakarta. Why Jakarta? Because it's busy. Because I like it. Because I'm gonna be busy there and I'll like it! :)

February 2012, I spent most of my time with my family. What can I say? That was the master plan of the long "holiday" of mine! Lovely time! <3

March 2012 was kinda surprise to me. Because it took some times for me to realize that "It's March already!". A bit late to realize that I should have looking for a new job. I was too enjoy my free time. So, as soon as realized, I start to gather the info. Vacancies on my list!

April 2012, 9 days passed with 21 to go, been busy with some preparations for a plan that gonna come in May, and of course, now I'm writing here! ;p

Now, tell me yours, because I wonder!

x.o. Januari
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