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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby talk, baby walk.

Talking about the idea of having a baby..

Four women and a lil baby girl surrounding the cafe table, that evening in Bandung.

We were friends in college. Haven't had time to meet again for more than a year, a few days ago we finally meet. The cute baby girl between us, is the daughter of one of my friends there. Yes, one of us is already become a mom now! :) What a time!

Time flies! More than a year ago, we used to talk about how to finish our school and reach our degree immediately, next party to attend, clothes, shoes and such! Now? Put your head down on the floor, and your feet up in the air! Ya, that's how it is!

It's quite magical how the presence of a baby in between us could changed everything! She became the center of attention, as well as a hot topic of our conversation through the night. No more party talk! Cute, isn't it? Hohoho I guess we're officially a woman to our self now.

Woman dressed in blue and white stripes is the mother of the baby. She became a kind of speakers at our meeting that night. Receiving questions from us about how it feels to be a mother and wife. Especially from my friend who wore a pink shirt, because she was engaged, and will be married next year, which is only few months from now. Thinking about the existence of new babies between us in the years ahead, Oh, I could feel the blood rushing in my vein! That will be so exciting! It's like we're gonna have a new atmosphere everytime we meet in every year. Amazing!

Back to the topic, about having a baby, become a mom and a wife in the family. She said that it feels wonderful. Having a baby is like having a stress healer for your own, and also a reason to have no reason to fight with the husband. Because they've no time for things like that. Because they have the baby that gives no room for the negativity to get the attention. Baby fills up their days, baby brings happiness! Wow! (me: speechless)

After receiving the statement, the three of us have no more questions. Statement from her was enough to make us unable to say anything more. Supported by a convincing tone and happiness that clearly seen in her face. She even tried to convince us to get married and have a baby! Quirky moment, yet beautiful. Yes, it always been beautiful to see happiness right in front of my eyes. In the hope that the happiness will be contagious right away to me! AMEN! 

After that? Playing with the baby time!
I think we should do this quite often, so this positive aura can continue to appear. :)

Good night love! :*

x.o. Januari

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