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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ingredients of love, right from the kitchen.

It's always good to have a "kitchen conversation" with mom.
Yes, it's the conversation that held in the kitchen, but we're totally not talking about food. It's a non-fat conversation! ;)

Helping mom with the cooking thing always been one of the best time to talk about something serious but in a "chill" way. Such as? Love life?! Ah, that's her favorite topic, of course! Knowing about her daughter's feeling and how to handle it, are her expertise.

Since I was a lil, I've been given so many wise advices from my mom. So, that what makes me quite good about the theory thingy, I guess. But at doing it? Gimme a break! You definitely know how many time I failed, right? *start counting* Umm..not so bad! But, very very bad! Hahaha *knock on wood*

Well, by mom's opinion, failures that has happened, was kinda school of life to me. I should learn from it, and make it better in the future. Both, my life and my self.
"Stop covering your heart, dear..", mom said. "People deserve to know what you feel.. Covering it only gonna torture not only people you love but also your self..", she continue. That's her advice few weeks ago.

Yes, mom always right. And today, we had another kitchen conversation in the middle of cookie making. I told her, "Mom, he called me last night. I told him my feeling. I feel so much better now. No matter what happen next, at least I did the confession, and I feel relief."
"Good, dear.. You both are not a kid anymore.. As a mature one, there's no feeling need to hide.. And the most important thing is, don't hurt anyone..", mom replied.

Advices accepted!
See? That's why I always love my mom and our kitchen conversation! ♥

I love you mama! :*

x.o. Januari


Ricademus said...

Moms give the best advice! But if someone falls deeply in love with you and you don't love him, you have to hurt him by being honest. It's the kindest thing to do, even though it will hurt him for a while.

ceritajanuari said...

@ Ricademus

Ya, I've hurt someone who used to love me by being dishonest about my feeling for him. But, what happened was the opposite. I love him, that's the truth. So yesterday I told him the truth after it's too late, because I already lost him now.

"You don't miss your water till the well runs dry", aight?

Ricademus said...

We don't know what tomorrow will bring. Last week's rain could be next week's well water.

ceritajanuari said...

@ Ricademus

Agree! =)

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