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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lord, Love and Gratitude

Yesterday, I got a call. From someone that could make me happy even just to hear his voice, but last night he made me couldn't be happier, when he called just to tell me something that I never heard before from anybody else as a reaction to one of my (used to be a secret) histories. Feelings of being defended, cared for, and given a sense of security. I can feel it all, finally. Although maybe that was only for last night, but I'm happy. That's enough to prove to myself that good men still exist in the world I live in today. I believe.

What should I say again to Lord now? Besides, "thank You for each and every second I had in my life"? He gave me, He tolerate me, He forgave me, so much, in everything. After many complaints from me that He got for years of my life. Oh Lord, I love You.

What has happened over a period of a month, has become a trigger for me to know about something. That God was telling the meaning of every thing I've experienced before. Now I understand. His plan was never bad, His plan was never wrong. There's always intention and purposes in everything. I just have to be patiently wait. Because just like my sister said, "God is never too late, God is never in a hurry, God is always on time."

Well, I don't know how to describe it well in words. But, this is one of my gratitude for Lord and life He put me in. I should've done this since a long time ago. But as a wise man said, "It is never too late to become a better person." right?

Thank You, dear Lord.

x.o. Januari

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