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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Pursuit of Love in a Paper Boat

Decided to take the car key, driving somewhere to catch a movie, alone.

It happened in a sudden. When I was lying on my bed this afternoon, suddenly I feel like to go. I'm still sick, my gums are swollen, my throat is still sore, I still can not talk. That's why I'd better go alone.

This movie is based on a novel that I love the most. One of complicated love story, yet still it's loveable. Unique personality in each character. Different, but complementary to each other. The title of the movie is "Perahu Kertas". It's a "paper boat" in english. Happy to find that the movie didn't make me disappointed. The story is still in line with the novel. Players simply represent the characters in my head while reading the novel. Quite satisfactory to me! :)

There's one more thing that completes my happiness tonight. After finished watching the movie, I accidentally met a friend. One of my best friend. We had spent a couple of hours to chat (of course with my limited ability to speak) over drinks in one of the coffee shop in the same mall with a movie theater where I watch the movie. Oh, I'm so happy! This is a bonus for me from God. Thank You, dear Lord! :*

I chose the cinema with the furthest distance from my house. So I have more time to drive. Spend time alone with my thoughts. Sometimes a little sing along with the song on the radio. When I went home, it was already night, the roads were pretty deserted. I'm free to step on the gas up to the maximum, no one protests or blocking my way. It was fun!

I love tonight! 

x.o. Januari

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