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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome Back Dear Daydreamer

Looking at the mirror. Saying it to my self.
I found my self smiling there. "Let's back to who you are! Just the way you are!" I shouted to the smiling woman in the mirror. Welcome back dear daydreamer..

I used to be a heavy daydreamer, few years ago. Play with my mind, let it free to brought me to any kind of world that nobody understand but me. It's always been fun, I remember. But I tried to stop when I step to twenty something. That time I found life getting tough, and it needs me to be more serious. No more daydreaming. But I was wrong..

I don't like my self with the serious thingy. I lost my world that I used to love. In a serious life, I'm totally a boring person. I guess it will be so much people agree with me about that. I used to make my friends laugh anytime they're with me few years ago. Now? We're talking too much! About heavy boring serious thing. We still laugh, but not much.

I used to be a silly girl, I know. And I love it. I don't know why I forced my self to changed. Maybe this is what people called "quater life crisis." Well, I don't care! All I care now is, I love my self as a daydreamer! I love being silly! I don't wanna die as a boring person anyway. Who want it? Suposed to be nobody, aight?

I know it's not about being silly or serious person what matter. It's just about being your self. Being me, the truly me, my self. So, maybe the true me is that silly daydreamer girl? Umm.. Ok, woman now. So.. Why so serious? :)

x.o. Januari


Ricademus said...

Welcome back!!! I like the dreamer. =)

ceritajanuari said...

@ Ricademus

Thank you! =)

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