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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guardian Angels

Sometimes, we don't need someone to talk to..

Just someone to understand us in silence.. Saying "I know how you feel" by their presence. By sitting next to us. Sometimes with a hug. No words needed.

I know I'm not a kind of person that easy to be undestood. But magically, God sent few people to the world to understand me just like that. Without any guidance, without any book about me to learn. God loves me. He definitely is..

When we're not together, their name gonna show up in my phone. Call me for hours just to laugh together. Or even text me by the messenger just to say "how are you today?".
When I need them, I don't have to wait long until they finally appeared in front of me. No matter how far.
Ya, they're kinda magic to me. God bless every friendship in the world!

We could cry in laugh, or even laugh in cry. I call them my guardian angels

Parents; friend since before I was born

One and only sister; friend since a lifetime

Mbak Ayin; friend since junior high school

Bebep; friend since senior high school

Sapi; friend since high school

Dimas; friend since high school

Unyun; friend since high school

Dear Lord and all of you my guardian angels, Thank you and I love you.. :)

x.o. Januari


Ricademus said...

That's wonderful to have such a group of angels.

I have a great guardian angel, the invisable kind. She has protected me so many times when I should have been injured, but wasn't.

ceritajanuari said...

@ Ricademus

The invisible kind? Wow! That's how an angel supposed to be, aight? Cool! I always dreaming about having that kind one since I was a kid! :p

Lucky you! Lucky us! :)

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