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Monday, August 5, 2013

Call Me, Weird

But, I love being a stranger in a strange place surrounded by strangers. It's true.


Ricademus said...

I believe you, but you are too nice to remain a stranger for long.

I almost started this comment with "Hi stranger", but that would have ruined what I wanted to say next. :)

Asri Yanuarisa Ibrahim said...

Hello there! How are you?

You know what? The thing that I love the most of being a stranger in a strange place is, the idea of having anyone to talk to, anywhere and at anytime. Because on that situation, strangers are the only option I have to communicate with. And I always like it! It feels like I always have friends or even family, where ever I am.

And you, you are one of the (used to be a) total stranger that now already are a friend(ly stranger) to me. I like it! A lot! Thank you, anyway! :)

ceritajanuari said...

I just gave you my full name, by the way. That way, I won't be remain as a total stranger anymore. How about that? :)

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